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Buster the Bus Educates West Students

Posted Date: 10/21/2019

Buster the Bus Educates West Students

National School Bus Safety Week, held during the third full week of October each year, focuses on the importance of school bus safety.


Here are Five Tips to Keep Your Children Safe on the Bus.


1. Stay Seated on the Bus

Once you’re on the bus, it’s best to stay in your seat. Instruct your children to keep their arms, heads and personal belongings inside. Warn them about leaning or waving their arms out the window.

2. Get Away From the Bus

Children need to step out of the bus’s danger zone when they get off. Remind them to get away from the bus as quickly as possible. If your children are small, tell them to take five giant steps away from the bus once they’re down the steps.

3. Don’t Chase the Bus

It’s never a good idea to chase the bus if it’s clear that you missed it. In most cases, the driver can’t stop once they’re entering the main road. The same thing applies to chasing the bus after you get off. Tell your child that if they leave something behind on the bus, they can pick it up the next day.

4. Don’t Be a Dangler

Watch out for the long, dangling straps on backpacks, purses and tote bags. They are easy to catch on moving door parts and other pieces of bus machinery. The same is true of hoodie strings, pants drawstrings and shoelaces. Tell your kids to make sure nothing is flying around loose when they get on or off the bus.

5. Look Three Ways, Not Just Two Ways

The old rule was to look both ways before you cross the street. That’s a solid rule, but safety experts now say that you should actually look three ways. The new rule is to look left, right and left again. Teach your children to take this one extra step. It could be a lifesaver.

Stay Safe All Year!